Strain Review: Lisa Simpson by lolo

Brand @lolo.cannabis

Strain – Lisa Simpson #lisasimpson

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder: Unknown

Grower: lolo

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: Apothecary Sherman Oaks

Lisa Simpson Strain Review

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Let’s drop this review I have been pending onthis one for a while, and I’ll be honest I did do a short photograph of it and that’s about it and didn’t post a video. But I recently found it thru @exhalencelosangeles and for a great price: nothing over $40.

I see why they went with the name of Lolo because it’s really what they are some affordable flower with that indoor taste and look. Yes you might ask yourself if these are small nugs but they still are packed full of those effects. They offer multiple strains with those unique names. Never heard of this one but i liked it due to the effects. The smell was not as powerful as you expect but upon looking at it more, it shows to be purple and has those hues. Does have trichomes from top to bottom and smoke is great, not too heavy as exhale is great nothing of coughing attacks or that funny feeling on the throat. Prepare because it does have that feeling of Euphoria and wide eyes opening and the effects slowly go away, so might experience couch lock for some. While there are also those of us so can go on without that feeling. I always look for those brands who can offer some indoor without breaking your budget. They offer 1/8ths along with those 21g bags for you to roll. hope you enjoy this…

Rating 7/10
Effects- Euphoria, Happiness, Couch Locked.
Onset about 2 puffs (each person is different)
Smells- (I couldn’t tell stuffy nose)
Taste- Cherries, Sweet,

Dispensary where this was picked up @apothecary_818
Reasonable Prices for some indoor grown flower:
The colors range from greenish to those nice orange hairs and cover I’m trichomes from top of the stem to the bottom of it.
A full indica smells like some gassy, pungent, diesel.
Flower ranges from small and medium size nugs (picture here).
Colors ranges from greenish to some light purple hues and orange hairs.
Smokes clean and nice and smooth and exhale and inhale without any aching of the lungs.
Recommend for the experience smokers due to the effects which are heavy sedation to the head and along strong couch locked sensation and appetite will occur.
Overall I would recommend this brand for the price which is not over forty dollars and at the dispensary I pick up from @apothecary_818 they offer this brand at a overall price of Thirty Dollars and Tax Included.

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