Strain Review: Gelato 41 by Garcia Hand Picked

Gelato 41 @garciahandpicked @cakehouse_vista

Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mints Cookies

Original Breeder: SHERBINSKIS

Grower: Garcia Hand Picked

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: CakeHouse Vista

Garcia Hand Picked Gelato 41 Review

Intro: this is a product that belongs to a tier group I don’t purchase myself, i typically buy products in a higher price range and quality so keep that in mind when viewing the scores, I’m still grading from my connoisseur rubric.. if you like mid range price and products this is great choice for you!! This review was brought to you guys by cakehouse, voted the best new dispensary in vista.

Weight: 80/100
3.47 < 3.50

Aroma: 76/100
earthy, wood, generic cannabis, lil hay but some background slight ice cream fruit sweet gelato terps. (After grind lil more skunky dank)

Appeal: 79/100
9 nug eighth, small popcornish nugs of light green, green and yellow, leafy with purple tips and highlights on leafs. Has trich coverage, but hairy trich coverage with minimal heads (inside the nug trich coverage has small heads) subtle short light orange hairs highlight the nug.

Smoke & taste : 80/100
drip off the rip. Clear wet drip. Then brown oil drip, then regular drip, then faded to small drip. Ash appeared white in the camera, but to the naked eye there was more dark spots and heavy grey layers. Halfway pleasant smoke, it wasn’t bad enough to make me put it out but it wasn’t good enough to make me excited to roll another one either. Average smoke. Taste were cannabis and smoke. Herbal. Lil sweet at times.

Effect & potecy: 77/100
Decent effects body relaxed, mind lil relaxed. Creative flow. Lil pain relief. Minor head change (keep in mind my tolerance and my normal brands and strains)

Overall: 78.5/100
this is just your good old fashioned good average cannabis. Nothing bad about it, nothing exotic about it. Just good weed at a fair price.

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