Edible Review: GO Drops by 1906

After surviving 2020, it’s been hard to “get up and go” the way I used to. I struggle to fall asleep and often wake up groggy. Despite the mental fog, I try to push myself to workout, but it’s hard, especially now that it’s cold out. For all these reasons, I was intrigued by the prospect of the “GO” drops from @1906newhighs.

Brand: 1906

1906 GO Drops Review

The Facts:
* GO drops are “A special blend of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis to promote alertness, energy, and focus.”
* 20 minute onset time
* The sample packs contain two drops that you swallow
* Each drop contains 5mg of THC and CBD

Wanting to test the onset time, alertness, and energy aspects of the drops, I decided to try them before heading to the gym. By the time I stepped on the stair master, my mind was clear, and despite my late-night Netflix binging, I felt like I’d had a good night’s rest. My workout felt easier, I was able to work harder, and it was more enjoyable.

I never felt any psychoactive effects, which is likely because 10mg is a microdose for me. That said, I loved that I got to experience the calming, energizing effects without the “high.” For those with lower tolerances or new to the plant, two drops might cause more cerebral effects, so it might be safer to start with one.

I’ve been to the gym two more times since trying the GO drops, and they weren’t nearly as easy, so yesterday, I placed a dispensary order for the big pack (while working out 🤣🥲) because the boost is worth it for me.
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Check out more reviews by @upinsmokesession on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/upinsmokesession) Subscribe to the Up In Smoke Newsletter!

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