Edible Review: Inspired Blend (Tartberry) by BEBOE

I’m always excited to try brands that are new to Illinois, so I rushed to the store when I saw these @beboefamily Inspired Blend (tartberry pastilles) candies. ⁠

Brand: BEBOE

BEBOE Inspired Blend Review

With just 5mg THC per candy, these are great for those with lower tolerances or microdosing. I’ve been starting my morning with two candies, a microdose for me, and I find they’re a nice way to start my day free of brain fog and anxiety, and a nice mood boost.
I will say, if you’re into Sweetarts these are dangerous because they’re just so tasty. The flavor is light and fruity, and the texture is what you’d expect from a tart. ⁠⁠
I couldn’t not mention the packaging. While it looks beautiful, it doesn’t tell me what ingredients make this the “Inspired Blend,” which would have been a nice touch. All in all, I enjoyed these and am looking forward to reviewing the Downtime Blend.⁠⁠
Do you like trying new canna products, or do you prefer to stick to what you know you like?



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