Cultivar Review: Warheadz by Zugatti

Zugatti LA passed along a sample of their new batch of Warheadz after meeting at Hall of Flowers and boy did it hit a special spot for me..

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Pez x Super Lemon Haze

Original Breeder/Grower: Zugatti

Terpene Profile: Limonene Dominant (Limonene, B-Cary)

Warheadz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I popped the bag on the one gram sampler and immediately got a whiff of something that I know I like. This hoppy terpene profile or something that has come at me from bags over the last decade and always signaled: fave.

Beautiful colors on the nugs and really orange pistils. More on the waxy side than sticky by the time i got to it but certainly tricked out with trikes.

Warheadz nose starts off like I’d imagine a warheadz gummy made of real fruit juice might. Fruity. Peachy almost but definitely with that zour zour hint of limon. Lip puckering here we go. The undertone is musky and hoppy and just brings me back as a fave flavor. It’s the hella part of hella jelly; the brisk part of biskante. I know it when I smell it and I smoke it when it’s around. Its juxtaposition with the zour candy notes is a case study in olfactory contrast.

Was happy to find no painful sour on the taste.

The high is the kind of high where you find yourself randomly and casually taking the kind of deep breaths that would make your doctor proud. I sat there and thought this is what a Zen master must feel like when they’re coming up with a really good koan.

The high levels out to a smooth, happy, plateau. There’s no couch lock with this relaxation, and the mind is free to wander as it so pleases. Less a buzz, more a pulse. Def a good representation of why Zugatti is so popular.

Zugatti and Warheadz lived up to the hype.

Chefs take note: Pairing cultivar contender. This is a cultivar that has a great, relatable nose and a great focused high without as much munchies.

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