Edible Review: Genius Drops by 1906

Happy Friday! We made it. I, for one, would not have made it through this week without CBD and Go drops. I even tried incorporating these Genius drops, but unfortunately had mixed results.

Brand: 1906

1906 Genius Drops Review

📓 The Facts
* 30 drops per bottle
* Each drop has 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg of CBD, half of what’s in the Go and Bliss drops.
* The bottle describes the drops as, “An optimal blend of plant medicine, caffeine, and cannabis to help you tap into your most formidable mental powers.”

* I started with two drops the first time and flew through a writing assignment, but I didn’t know if it was because I was on a tight deadline or because of the drops. I didn’t feel any shift in my mood or energy like I do with the Go drops, so I decided to try them again and made sure not to consume any other products. This time I took three drops and still didn’t feel any change.

👩🏾‍⚖️ Verdict
* My hunch is that the lower dose than that of the Go and Bliss drops makes the Genius drops less effective for me. I know people who have way lower tolerances that LOVE them, so perhaps these are best suited for people with lower tolerances and maybe even those less experienced with the plant.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed trying @1906newhighs products. Experiencing the benefits of plant medicine combined with THC has sparked a curiosity about what vibes I can tap into with a little experimentation.

Have you explored adding herbs or plant medicine to your wellness routine? Do you have questions about how to do so? Let me know in the comments.
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One thought on “Edible Review: Genius Drops by 1906

  • June 27, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Just took one, as I’m very sensitive to medication…I’ll do a report, as I feel it coming on (It’s been an hour, so it’s settling in now.)…I feel that familiar spaciness that I always feel w/ THC, though it is mild. I made sure to look for something that had a good amt of CBD, as anything that is taken orally (as opposed to vaping) and during the day (as opposed to nighttime,to sleep) I’m ESPECIALLY sensitive.

    Right now..don’t feel any special focus or motivation as with nootropics at first or as in “olden days” when many of us experimented with various drugs. Am involved with bill-paying/banking activities this afternoon, but feel just as likely to stop and stare out the window, as stay busy so I’m afraid there’s no particular efficiency.

    There was a time, long ago, when THC, brought euphoria. Now (and my husband, also older, agrees) that there’s, sadly,no more joy like we once had…maybe we permanently burned out our transmitters…. It’s more of just a spaciness, than a happiness, let alone a euphoric feeling. A little mellow.

    I was getting a bit of mild pleasure in a 14:1 CBD-THC combination tablet sold in the state next to mine–not a “high,” just noticing that it was a beautiful day, that the music on the radio sounded nice, or that there were interesting cloud patterns…alas, they stopped making it, so last trip over I got your “genius” pills to take since they were just 2.5 THC w/ 2.5 CBD — and found another kind that is just 2 mg with a mix of cannabanoids. Maybe yours or theirs will turn out to be an okay replacement for the small amt of alprazalom hacv to take for going out (PTSD) when I need to..

    I’ll try these some more and also see about ordering Bliss and Chill. (I take L-THP for sleep, so prob if “Midnight” would be a bad idea; I also hit an Indica vape when I wake up late at night, and it puts me right back to sleep.)

    Thanks for the chance to comment. (Oh– the company making the 14:1 pills told me to just take 1/4 of their 4:1 pills — and it would be the same as taking a 14:1! Logically, does it make sense, that if you made a punch bowl of killer margueritas and poured out all but 1/4 and then everybody drank them, that they wouldn’t be killer margueritas anymore ‘COS YOU POURED 3/4 OF THEM OUT? Yeah, didn’t make sense to me, either.)


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