Formula 420 Soak n’ Rinse: No scrub action needed

Got to test out @formula420 Soak ‘n’ Rinse and my gosh does it do wonders!

Formula 420 Soak ‘n’ Rinse Review

formula 420 soak n rinse bong cleaner review by thecoughingwalrus afterI put my @sweersglass bowl into a small container and made sure it was submerged in the cleaner. I left it to soak while I did chores around the house and even ran a quick errand. When I came home I took the bowl out of the Soak ‘n’ Rinse and rinsed it with warm water.

I’m happy to say that my assumptions were proved wrong. I thought that it was so dirty that it wouldn’t be able to each through all the grunge. But as soon as I rinsed it off, all the grunge and dirt was gone!

I will definitely be using this product more often. It cleaned my pieces so well and it allowed me to get other important things done while @formula420 took care of my bowl!

Thank you @formula420 for this awesome product!




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