Glass Review: Small Rubber Bubbler


Small Rubber Bubbler Review

It’s small so it’s discrete, easy to take with you, also requires little water, gets you high as balls and since it’s rubber it’s quite durable and highly unlikely to break. It’s great for those who like to take neat pieces around with them (me) and for accident prone people (also me). Since it has a water filter it doesnt taste like rubber which is something many people (including myself) dislike about rubber made smoking pieces. This is an old piece i sadly lost long ago. A friend had bought one, and as an accident prone girl who like to travel with her pipe this was great. I love bongs and bubblers so i went out and got one. Due to quarantine, i found myself missing bongs and bubblers . . . . . . . #pipesmoking #weedsociety #weedblog #headintheclouds #weedblog #cannabiscommunity #cannabispr #headintheclouds
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