Hash Review: Acai Mints Live Rosin by Full Flava Extracts x American River Extracts

AÇAÍ MINTS Live Rosin 149-70u

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: American River Extracts

Processor: Full Flavor Extracts

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Acai Mints Live Rosin Review

At first I got a combo of mint, berries, and cake batter. After a while it turned very herbal. It had a strong nose of floral and herb notes that kept bringing the imagery of a nursery to my mind. There was a back end finish of minty with a tiny hint of berries to it but the floral notes were strong but delightful, almost like a bouquet of roses that had gotten skunked. It was a fresh refreshing aroma that made me feel relaxed just by smelling the jar. I couldn’t stop smelling the jar and getting more notes. I also got a nice fruity/cherry candy aroma that would pop up more when I would inhale, through my nose , deeper. There was a slight rubber band element to it that would pop its head out every once in a while.

acai mints live rosin by full flava extracts hash review by extract_reviewer

The taste, at first, was more of a pungent rotting grape kind of taste. There was a rubber band taste with some skunk notes attached to it that made the dab even more interesting. At lower temps, a slightly gassy, minty, and herbal berry taste would coat the palette but the pungent grape came back in the after taste.

Strong headband that got real tight. It came with a strong sensation of euphoria that kept getting stronger with a rush and it felt really nice. My eyes got heavy soon after and everything got hazy for me. I was really forgetful but I couldn’t tell if it was this jar or the concussion I was still going through (it sure didn’t help 😅😂)

acai mints live rosin by full flava extracts x american river extracts hash review by extract_reviewer 2

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