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Hash Review: Guapa Empenada De Pina 22 Full Melt by The Real Cannabis Chris

Guapa Empanadas De Pina22 @therealcannabis_chris Via @macknterpz Reel on 10 Processor: The Real Cannabis Chris

Guapa Empenada De Pina 22 Full Melt Review

guapa empenada de pina 22 hash by the real cannabis chris hash review by cali_bud_reviews This jar opens up to a beautiful display of sandy trichome heads of amber color. As it gets exposed to warmer air the grainy trichome heads seem to morph together into big melty trichome globs & get a bit more transparent w/ a clean watery appearance to its melt. The scoops are stretchy & thick, w/ a taffy like stretch that’s actually pretty easily workable for water hash. Towards the end of the jar I left it at room temperature long term & let it cure over to an all white crumble that packed together in a mushy badder that dries together nicely. The Terps are outrageous & extremely loud nose volume that pops w/ intensity. The terps lead with extremely juicy tropical terps of pineapples, oranges, & mangoes with a raspberry/strawberry/watermelon hard candy backing, a flakey breaded pie crust terps add a doughy touch to the pineapples with a mouthwatering savoriness. The sweets & fruits have a delivery that is unreal- it’s truly an a1 treat for the nose. The Vapor is ridiculously clean, smooth, & delivers the nose terps with perfect accuracy and intense flavor strength. The juicy mango-pineapple tropical notes & the sweet red fruit ‘candy-juice’ terps dominate the pallet while the savory (partially doughy) pie crust terps wrap the fruity tropicals together in a warm flakey breaded delivery that’s reminiscent of a croissant. The inhale/exhale carried the full flavor throughout, with some additional hazey herbal spices, sour dank (skunky) lemon & pungent gasses that brought on a supreme expando lung pressure that chronically lingered & wrecked me after the dab, The hash melts fully, and burns for 9+ full pulls over 1:30ish durations on the 3dxl at 490*. The rosin burns down thoroughly, with minimal plant matter & cleans up fully with less than 1 qtip. This hash really does smoke like rosin. It is one of the best tasting & smoothest dabs I’ve ever took. The effects had a potently euphoric onset that was multiplied greatly by the intensity of the expando lung pressure followed by 3hours of strong Stoney Euphoria. Overall: 9.83/10 guapa empenada de pina 22 hash by the real cannabis chris hash review by cali_bud_review 2s.jpg NFSOT! Reviews 21+ #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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