Strain Review: Ray-K 41 by Hi Tech

Ray k 41 by hi tech

Lineage/Genetics: White cherry gelato pheno

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Hi Tech

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Ray-K 41 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This is yet another review I kinda forgot about but definitely not a strain u want to sleep on. Hi tech has been absolutely killing it lately and the one strain I’ve heard everyone raving about was this ray k 41. To be honest, I really wanted to try it at first because I thought the genetics would have the classic afghan strain in it ak47. Unfortunately it had nothing to do with that strain. Luckily it ended up being one of my favorite stains out there. White cherry gelato. Let’s how it compares to backpacks legendary cut.

Smell: 9.3/10 oh yes! This is exactly what I was hoping for. That deep candy cherry smell that nearly stings your nose. Heavy sharpie and floor cleaner smell. Little bit of a pine and gas smell too. Very loud amazing smell that’ll have u drooling.

Bag appeal: 9/10 exactly what you would expect if you’ve had white cherry gelato before. It has a very specific look. Medium sized crispy nugs covered in tan crystals and keif. Bright green with light orange hairs and tints of purples and blues. These buds were very fresh tho and broke apart perfectly. Very nice cure. Your fingers will be covered in keif when ur done handeling it. Overall about what I expected but they did a really good job.

Smoke: 9/10 very very potent stuff! Had me feeling very loose and relaxed with a totally numb body. Very spacey high that will have u sunk all the way in to ur couch. Very tasty smoke that tastes just as sour as it does sweet. The smoke was a little rough on my lungs and had a little bit of a perfume taste to it. Very white ash with crazy drip. A really nice smoke.

Overall: 9.1/10 for being the first run of this strain, they absolutely killed it. Not quite as good as what backpack puts together in my opinion but very very close. I highly suggest this to anyone that hasn’t tried white cherry gelato or anything from hi-tech. These guys know what they are doing and consistently put out clean quality bud.



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