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Hash Review: Hunny Bunny Rosin by Laughing Shaman

Hunny Bunny @laughingshaman Via @macknterpz Reel > 10 Processor: Laughing Shaman Terpene Profile: Unknown

Hunny Bunny Rosin Review

hunny bunny rosin by laughing shaman hash review by cali_bud_reviews The jar opens to reveal a perfect saucer of honey colored rosin with glowing amber undertones & a white-beige speckles & swirls. It almost has a peachy-pink-orange hue in the right light. The rosin is perfect consistency, it’s starts like a lightly cured fresh press, & gathers/smashes into a squishy doughy mass thats oozing with terp juices, it then whips Into a creamy goopy badder that has nice moisture & wetness while remaining mostly thick stable creamy & squishy. The Nose is complex, loud, & delicious with sweet N Savory undertone of honey, oats, almond, & tropical banana with a chem diesel funky gas to it- that have an overpowering overtone of sweet & gassy tropicals made of cheesy orange citrus haze, pink guava, pink cotton candy, pink florals with funky mango-papaya terps underneath the skunky citrus-tropical haze. Light notes of pine-diesel. The vapor is excellent, it smokes & melts clean, bringing out a lot more of the honey bananas funky chem diesel notes that were just the base in the nose. The mouth & inhale are hit with the sweet n savory honey, banana, oats, almonds, & southern diesel gassy funk notes. The orange citrus tropicals blends the cheesy skunky haze notes into a funky peachy papaya mango undertone that really emphasizes the unique ‘pink guava cotton candy floral terps that stain the mouth & the aftertaste. The combination of the honey bananas, orange tropicals, & the unique pink guava floral terps are smooth, clean & pressurized from the draw all the way to the exhale. It melts down clean, to a reddish-brown syrupy resin. The effects are super toasty, with a heavy release of pressure in the neck & shoulders, a toasty headband buzz & low red eyes, It does have a slight clear-headed euphoria & uplifted mood during the mostly toasty onset, but the relaxation leads the way for the 3hr duration with medium-heavy strength. All around this rosin was primetime: the quality & cleanliness were a1- the terps were complex, unique, & delicious- the vapor was clean, gassy, & flavorful- & the effects were pleasant. Overall: 9.65/10 hunny bunny rosin by laughing shaman hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! 21+ only! #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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