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Hash Review: OGZ by Handmade Hash x Mendoja Farms

OGZ @handmade.hash @mendojafarms Via @macknterpz Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Zkittlez Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Mendoja Farms Processor: Hand Made Hash Terpene Profile: Unknown

Handmade Hash OGZ Hash Rosin Review

ogz rosin by hand made hash x mendoja farms hash review by cali_bud_reviews This jar opens up to an all white rosin that has a little bit of a creamy amber hue to it. It’s lightly cured over, & really clear, revealing tons of white freckles & clear bubbles suspended in the creamy, moist, thick but slick rosin(1-5). I scooped it from its natural state the first half the jar (6). Mashing it up reveals how wet & saucy it is (7), so I whip it & it reveals a thick creamy velvety consistency that slowly self-absorbs & melts into a stable goopy circle (slides 9/10). It’s thick & stable enough to gather into a centralized ‘doughy’ mass that reveals a waxy buddery surface when aerating that fills with juicy terps (8). The terps were excellent, the nose volume wasn’t overkill but it was pretty loud, with a nice aromatic gas layer that permeates the room behind opening the jar. The nose gives off a generally gassy, sour-dank diesel fuel profile, classic kush if you will, with undertones of lemon, & pine, with a small touch of volatile singed skunk / burnt rubber, with herbal peppery spices & earthiness wrapping it together. However it does have this really unique sour-apple dankness for an overtone, that blends with an even crazier Irish spring antibacterial soapy floral, that develops into a citrusy sugary candy lime profile that trails off into slight traces of that pungent Z fuel behind the SFV OG type of Sour-Dank GAS. The rosin burns pretty clean, it’s pretty smooth considering how gassy it is. The gassiness is the strong point, with nice lung pressure that has some slight throat-pungency on some of the bigger exhales. The terps were straight gassy diesel fuel, lemon kush, herbal spices, burnt rubber with a strong presence of sugary grapefruit-lime salt citrus candy on the backend. The sour dank granny apples & Irish spring soapy fresh-florals are present on the mouth & aftertaste with a slight zkittley lime candy backing. This one has intense potency onset & long lasting effects. It’s heavy, Stoney & relaxing, but the potent onset has some intense euphoria & focus. Sometimes it’s energizing, other times sleepy. Overall: 9.67/10 ogz rosin by hand made hash x mendoja farms hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! 21+ only #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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