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Hash Review: Tractor Fuel Rosin by West Coast Alchemy x Mendoja Farms

Tractor Fuel @wheezy__tee @mendojafarms Via @macknterpz Grower: Mendoja Farms Processor: West Coast Alchemy Terpene Profile: Unknown

WCA Tractor Fuel Rosin Review

tractor fuel rosin by west coast alchemy x mendoja farms hash review the cali_bud_reviews This jar opens up to a nearly all-white rosin with creamy yellow-amber undertones with a clear shining surface that’s slick with juicy terps that fill the beautiful surface nicks & has beige freckles deep within the white-beige rosin. The rosin is creamy, thick, & slick but is goopy with buddery wetness & slight viscosity after the frosting-like whip settles. It scoops in a creamy-goopy badder consistency that long-stretches off the loading tool. The nose is fairly loud, but the gas layer is pungent, skunky, & far reaching-leading with classic og kush terps with a starchy corny vegetable fuel that blends a strong sour dank chem-diesel fuel, and a little bit of a vanilla creaminess behind the pungent sour lemon dankness. The kushy undertones are herbal, earthy, with pine-diesel & tiny hint of sharp but sweet orange citrus kush fuel with a pinch of cheesiness to it . It’s sweet, sour, dank, starchy, stenchy ‘tractor’ fuel. The vapor is super smooth, & has a powerful diesel that puts major pressure on the lungs during the inhale while creamy lemon dankness & starchy corn-fuel coat the mouth with that sharp but sweet citrus. The exhale is pure diesel fuel, with a sour lemon dankness & burnt skunk that is wrapped herbal peppery spices & pungent ethanol. The effects aren’t as heavy as I expected, but it does have a strong potent euphoria with slight focus that hits hard during the relaxing onset & subsides into a calming couch lock with mental relief from anxiety & stress. It leads to strong headband buzz, low red eyes, cloudiness, & a good munchie session towards the end of the 3.5hr effect duration. The effects were medium strength but had a really thorough entourage effect & and impressive satisfaction factor from the clean buzz. It had supreme medicinal properties- curing pain, nausea, & chest tension instantly with a warm calming sensation. It’s not super super heavy but it has strong legs under the Stoney effects & leads to a good nights sleep. Overall: 9.53/10 tractor fuel rosin by west coast alchemy x mendoja farms hash review the cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! Reviews are for 21+ MMJP ONLY! #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages #westcoastalchemy #mendojafarms
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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