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Hash Review: Neapolitan Rosin by WCA x PureMelt

Neapolitan (ICC x Kombucha) @wheezy__tee @puremelt . Lineage/Genetics: ICC x Kombucha Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Pure Melt Resin Ranch Terpene Profile: Unknown

WCA Neapolitan Rosin Review

neapolitan rosin by wca x pure melt hash review by dc_ent 2 I am personally a huge fan of this, and it’s one of my favorite PureMelt WCA flavors from recent drops. I honestly thought this one was a meltshake cross the first time I smelled it though. Terps are hella loud and it screams of a berry-fruity, creamy, sweet vibe🍓🍨that really does fit the strawberry ice cream vibe. The taste is quite heavy on the fruity ice cream terps, but on the exhale I get a bit of a minty gas that reminds me of sour diesel. . This hits hard and heavy. Even with the taste of sour diesel on the exhale, I am personally not opening this jar before 5pm bc it’ll just derail any plans I had for the day. It definitely does give my head a decent mental energy and mood uplift that just makes me super happy and smiley, but it’s quickly followed by a body numbing laziness and strong mental relaxation that has me laughing and eating too much. I don’t really find this strain to be super munchie inducing but once I start eating I just zone out and eat until I’m way too full. Most of the time I smoke this I zone out/autopilot and find myself very happily waking up from a trance or a nap. Flavor, potency, and effect are all checking the boxes for me! neapolitan rosin by wca x pure melt hash review by dc_ent
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Check out more of my reviews @dcent_treeviews on Instagram! (

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