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Hash Review: Pink Fizz by The WaterBoyz x West Coast Alchemy

Pink Fizz @wheezy__tee // @thewaterboyzz710 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: The Waterboyz Processor: West Coast Alchemy Terpene Profile: Unknown

WCA Pink Fizz Rosin Review

pink fizz rosin by the water boyz hash review by cali_bud_reviews This Jar is a great mix of Tropicals, Candies, Florals & Gassy Doughy Funks, The jar opens up to an all white (slight amber) cold cure, Fresh out the fridge it is sturdy, stable, & thick solid mass. As it warms up, the sturdy pile of cold cure develops a little bit of semi-sauciness with a growing viscous terp layer, but it still has a thick whip & semi-taffy like creamy stretch, it packs into a stable areated patty with a moist rubbery squishy surface.. but as it continues to warm it settles back into a thick melty semi-saucy goop, with ridiculous terp puddles. The terps are delicious with a sweet tropical fruity lead, with a sugary candy & earthy musky floral backing with deep undertones of gassy dosi doughy cookie funk. Diving into the aroma more, the tropicals have a skunky-fruit base of pink-peachy-papaya, pink-guava, orange-mango, & strawberry-banana sweetness. The candy profile is coming across with a sugary sweetness, pink-flowery-florals, grape jammy freezer burn, earthy foresty musks, orange citruses, & lemon-lime candy fuel undertones, very similar to a Z-runtz type terps. Wrapping it all together is a creamy vanilla yogurt & doughy pie crust funk with a southern sour-chem garlic diesel backing. The Vapor flavor is THICK, decently smooth, & has some mild expando lung; the oil retains long term, with strong flavor for the duration. The Vapor flavor has a pink-candy-tropical-floral lead, with a fruity sweet papaya peach orange gassy citrus fuel that blends with freezer burn grape jam. The doughy creamy cookie & dosi sour chem diesel funk powers through the backside & the exhale with some fermented fruit making a guest appearance. A great mix of tropicals, sweets, candys, florals & skunky funky gassy cookie fuels. The effects target the chest, mind, headband, & eyes with toasty pressure. it does have chest energy & some mental focus during the onset, but the headband-bake & lower body relaxation eventually takes over fully for about 4 total hours. Overall: 9.6/10 Another stellar jar from the waterboyz scoring over 9.5, confirming they bring the heat to the collabs 3 jars in a row. The Zkywalker is still my favorite, with their Z close behind, and this right behind that. Before I knew the genetics, my guess was this was some kind of puro loco cross, being I could clearly smell/taste the papaya tropicals, but could also smell the sugary grape candy- lime citrus fuel & earthy foresty musky flowery florals right behind it, and the doughy, southern funky chem diesel terps reminded me of moonbow terps. So when I found out the lineage was tallymon x Spritzer it made Total sense of the funky gassy fruity tropicals & fruity candy grape sugary florals that come together from the papaya, banana, & runtz lineages while the dosi, grape pie, & mac lineages develop the creamier, doughy, gassier parts. The session was great, the Vapor was clean & tasty, leaving a nice long lasting aftertaste. pink fizz rosin by the water boyz hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! REVIEWS 21+ ONLY! #calibudreviews #thewaterboyz #westcoastalchemy #pinkfizz
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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