Hash Review: Zkittlez Rosin by Playbook Genetics x West Coast Alchemy

Zkittlez @wheezy__tee // @playbook_genetics
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Grower: Playbook Genetics

Processor: West Coast Alchemy

Playbook Genetics x WCA Zkittlez Rosin Review

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This Jar of Z opens up to a golden white-tan with just a pinch of an amber-orange to it, with white speckles suspended in the rosin, a clear coated shining terp layer, with milky terp sauces at the edges. The consistency is thick & creamy in the whip but is especially moist, wet with greasy terps & a waxy-buddery-creamy surface. After the whip It settles down into a thick cake batter-like goop that is wet, & moderately viscous. It eventually melts back into an excessively buddery-saucy but viscous goopy pudding with major terp juices drenching the surface. The terps NAIL my Z Preferences With Classic Candy Zkittlez, leading with the sugary grapefruit fuel, lemon candy cream, lemon cleaner, margarita lime-salt, heavy grapes & creamy lavender florals, with a pine-menth pungency, and just a pinch of that sweetNsour honey & a small pinch of musty earthy forest & creamy doughiness. The sugary rainbow candy terps are clearly pronounced but what this version of Z also offers in bonus amounts is a fat gassy layer, with sours, danks, sour-chem-diesel kush fuel funk, that blends with a burnt skunky freezer burnt orange citrus sherbet. The Nose is insanely loud and stains the nostrils with pungent candy fuel citrus. The Vapor was incredible, offering a full explosion of mouth terps, coating it with grapes, berries, lavender florals & sugary lime-grapefruit-lemon sour candy that develops into a special expando lung pressured inhale that emphasizes a mixture of the sugary candy citrus & grape florals but with an intense sour dank gassy skunky kush, sour-chem diesel funk, & a freezer burn pinementh pungency and lemon fuel that greatly intensify the inhale, the exhale reveals some orange sherbet citrus and leaves a sweet honey aftertaste . You can truly taste the rainbow & The lung-expansion was epically intense, but was mostly smooth with only a pinch of pungent burn. The buzz is pretty damn strong too, with a strong toastiness. Has some euphoric social uplift, but is indica-relaxing for 4hours.

Overall: 9.74/10
Insane jar. I really loved the terps & the Vapor flavors the most, I probably liked the water boy Z’s Rosin-Appeal Slightly more, and the water boy z had more of that savory sweet n sour honey behind the grapefruit, but this one just had that super sweet candy citrus & grape floral fuel front that had a perfect ratios of various gassy dank skunky chem diesel terps to the base of the Vapor that really made it hit special. The expando lung also made the Vapor excellent, not quite as intense lung pressure as the HMH zkittlez was, but it still was MAJOR, continuing to grow in intensity for about 25 minutes after the session- which amplifies the effects/potency, which are also really strong but not quite as intense as the hmh royalbudline version I had that was impossibly gassy, this is close to that jar in terms of Vapor satisfaction but overall the hmh Z is still the overall top dog, this Z falls into my number 2 spot, with ogre & waterboyz tied for 3rd (top3 favorite z hash)

Zkittlez rosin by west coast alchemy x playbook genetics hash review by cali_bud_reviews

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram (www.instagram.com/cali_bud_reviews) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDx2wiI-UdUUahelnk9SPXQ)!

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