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Hash Review: Turquoise Tiger Rosin by Yeti Melts

Turquoise Tiger @yetimelts @yeti.melts Lineage/Genetics: Jolly Apple x Rainbow Beltz 2.0 Original Breeder: Yeti Melts Processor: Yeti Melts Terpene Profile: Unknown

Turquoise Tiger Rosin Review

Via @macknterpz All Originals, No Edits đŸ“¸ turquoise tiger rosin by yeti melts hash review by cali_bud_reviews This jar is spectacular, the rosin is tan, with amber & honey mustard gold undertones. The rosin has that classic greasy egg yolk & raw pizza dough appearance with a squishy, fatty, thick, & self absorbing blubbery surface that breaks apart into thick waxy buddery slices. Whipping it brings it to a creamy melt, thats saucy with creamy wetness & gathers into a squishy brainlike mass In the finale. It’s a thick stable badder with proper wetness. The terps are loud, extremely unique, & complex. The nose leads with a moonbow dominant profile saturated in turquoise gummies, with blueberry haze, & blue-raspberry jolly rancher notes. it’s made with almonds, & nutty funk, with a southern bourbon herbal cherry cookie & dosi-diesel sour chem gas that has a grape jam & doughy pie crust undertones, with slight trails of musty grandmas living room funk, earthy gas, zesty lime-salt, & sugary grapefruit candy citrus. The vapor is more RainbowBelts forward, having strong flavor & intense expando lung pressure. The turquoise & blue gummy candy terps ‘stain the tongue’ & the exhales ending- while the lime salt & grapefruit candy citrus dominate the inhale & nostrils with intense pungency. The grape jam, doughy nutty funk, cheesy musty funk, sour chem diesel, & earthy og gas wrap the profile together with cookie, sour danks, pine, herbal spices, blueberry haze & sugary candy on the exhale. The oil provides thick clouds & strong flavor for 1:43 at 496* high vapor on the 3dxl, burning down to a caramel residue that cleans up with 1.5 glob mops. The effects are moderately strong, with a pleasant euphoria, moderate couchlock, pain relief, a toasty headband buzz & some uplifted euphoria that eventually leads to rest. The rosin was great but it was the unique terp profile, the clean pressurized vapor, & strong flavor that really made it stand out to me! Appeal: 9.4/10 *Nose: 9.85/10 *Vapor: 9.7/10 *Taste: 9.8/10 Burnage: 9.3/10 Effects: 9.6/10 Potency: 9.6/10 Overall: 9.7/10 turquoise tiger rosin by yeti melts hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! Reviews & Photography 21+ MMJP only! #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages #yetimelts
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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