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Hash Review: Wedding Pie Rosin by Dammit Bobby

Wedding Pie In-Depth Hash Rosin Review @dammit__bobby_ Via @jewelrunner710 Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Grape Pie Original Breeder🧬: Cannarado Genetics @reallycannarado Processor: Dammit Bobby Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dammit Bobby Wedding Pie Rosin Review

wedding pie rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud_reviews Continuing the push through my backlogged reviews, we have the wedding pie, in classic @cali_bud_reviews in-depth format, with narrated videos, a photo reel, & a sesh video. Let’s dive in! Aroma Profile: 9.55/10 Nose Volume: 9.85/10 A gassy, funky, creamy, cakey, doughy blend with a pungent pine/ grape jam fuel that blends with lavender florals and has a sharp lemon orange citrus undertone. A gassy sour dank lemon pine kush & southern chem diesel blends with garlics, herbals, musky funks, spices, & a thick creamy cakey vanilla dough layer that holds the barley hops apple-cherry tart pie crust backing. Extremely loud, you barley crack the seal and the terps blow the lid right off. Cold Cure Specific Appeal: 9.8/10 A thick stable pizza doughy patty of golden white-tan. Fresh out the fridge or after long periods of rest it develops some dark bronze coloring to the surface & as it warms, whips, or Patties the lighter white golden tan & yellows come to the surface. It’s super wet, juicy, greasy & moist, but especially thick, creamy, & stable. The rosin melts back into self very easily with its rubbery squishy moist doughy textures absorbing the clumps. Vapor Flavor Profile: 9.6/10 F.Strength: 9.8/10 Vapor: 9.75/10 Burnage: 9.75/10 A fat glob out the 3dXL burns W/ full flavor & mega clouds the full 1:40 sesh, at low temps of 480* the oil retains long term, & performs excellent to the finale; EVEN ON XL VAPOR MODE. It leaves behind a thick puddle of reddish brown resin. Grape jam, pine pungency, lemon citrus & the doughy pie crust terps stain the mouth when A surprising orange citrus vanilla creamsicle comes outta nowhere later on. The inhale & exhale are loaded with gas, diesel, kush, & raunchy sour-chem-diesel southern garlic funk. Smooth, tasty, but major pressure. (Reg 3d/small dab: very thorough burn leaving behind small bronze resin rings, prime duration: 1:30 @ 499* max Vapor) Effect 9.6/10 Potency: 9.8/10 It hits pretty hard, very Stoney but with a powerful onset, that supplies some energy, focus & active thoughts- for about 30min, but After 40min that background toastiness & red eye, dry eye, headband face pressure takes the lead. Stoney, heavy, with a nice body buzz that shifts into a couch lock, lots of pain relief, and a happy uplifted buzz. Leads to good sleep. Hardcore Mentally with the combo of heaviness & active thoughts / intense focus. The chronic buzz is really Stoney hours 1.5-4, leading to rejuvenating sleep after some serious binge watching the tv shows. Major potency. Really nice effects. Overall: 9.73/10 Another all star jar from the Dammit Bobby line. The Rosin quality is excellent, the jar was really hard to put away but after about 8 straight dabs over the course of 36 hours I finally decided to save the last bit for a rainy day. It had Great terps that are especially loud on the nose, another gassy-sweet profile blended together perfectly, And it vaporizes amazingly. The effects are pretty gnarly, that gassy expando lung brings in a powerful rush, from the potency intensity. But have No fear, the powerful bake is plowing through the intense onset in no time with full entourage and buzz that emphasizes R&R. True Chronic Entourage Effects. This jar is steady fire in all categories but it has that indescribable satisfaction factor that makes a jar memorable. There was plenty of other Bobby’s that were more my flavor preference, or some that had a pinch better of quality, but this one has that special touch to it that has you thinking about the next dab right after the last. Very enjoyable. Highly recommending this jar as well. I’m starting to try out more flavors that normally wouldn’t be my first choice, since I’m mostly a candy fan, but each time I try a new Bobby flavor, it shows me just how crucial having that complex has power is to any profile type. This one is another perfect example of gases, funks, and fruity sweets, with a particularly doughy backing & that has that classic @dammit__bobby_ gassy southern drawl 🔫 🤠 NFSOT REVIEWS & PHOTOGRAPHY ARE FOR 21+ MJP ONLY! #calibudreviews #dammitbobby #weddingpie wedding pie rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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