Hash Review: Zkittlez Cold Cure Rosin by Ogre Farms

Zkittlez Cold Cure Rosin

Processor/Grower: Ogre Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Ogre Farms Zkittlez Cold Cure Rosin Review

zkittlez cold cure rosin by ogre farms hash review by bccalibudreviews 2

Appeal 93/100
Very clean rosin. A white tan waxy spread & dark golden semi-sauce mix to create a creamy but viscous amber puddy . The texture is very smooth, slick, & extremely greasy. When swiping a dab it slides really easily, is somewhat workable, & has a slight creamy spread to the soft stretch. It’s pretty viscous/resinous/greasy compared to most cold cures you will come across. It requires refrigeration to keep it stable, outside the fridge it greases down very fast. After the whip it looked more like 1.3g then 2g but within 5min it greased back down to its fully stretched resting state.

Aroma Profile: 96/100 Nose Volume: 85/100 Post-Whip Volume: 89/100
It actually is pretty close to the pure Z terps I’ve been searching for. It has clean rainbow candy floral terps; Grape, lime, cherry, mango, lemon, grapefruit & strawberry. It’s sweet, sugary, & sharp. The pungent burnt rubber, shoe leather, musky linen, sour dank fuel side of the z is strongly present & slightly emphasizes the Zs gasses over its candy fruits. The pine, menthol, diesel, lemon gases, & musky cream add to its complexity but mask the rainbow a touch. Tiny hint of aqua-plantiness. The Nose is terpy, but not especially loud.

Flavor: 94/100 F.Strength: 91/100
F.Retention: 87/100 Vapor(💨&🧼): 92/100
The fruity rainbow candy, florals, & grape/lemon ice cream coat the mouth. The inhale was gassy fuel based, with the pungent rubbery side of the Z in full effect, causing mild expando lung. The exhale was mostly pine, menthol, diesel, & burnt rubber lemon cream with partial rainbow z flavors in the after-exhale. The vapor was pretty smooth, clean, & tasty, with only a tiny touch of aqua-plantiness.

Effects 88/100 potency 85/100
A euphoric clear-focus & energy hits the chest & head, a background cloudy Stoney haze sits behind it. Balanced hybrid effects that turn more stoney over the 2.5hr duration; Ends w/ Mild couch lock & low eyelids. Heavy headed but clear minded.

Overall: 92/100
Great Z terps but not as loud as I hoped for. Great tastes, smokes pretty clean, medium potency. Pretty Fire but imho the tax is too high.

zkittlez cold cure rosin by ogre farms hash review by bccalibudreviews

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Zkittlez Cold Cure Rosin by Ogre Farms Revised Review

Zkittlez @ogrefarms

My First Jar of the Zkittlez by Ogre farms was one of the best Zkittlez terpene profiles I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking- but the ticket point was really high, so when I found another jar that was a bit cheaper I knew I had to grab the last of it & do a revised review. Let’s dive in!

Appeal: 9.7/10
This jar opened up to a chunky peanut butter brain puddy of dark golden amber color & drenched in juicy clear shining greases. It melts down pretty fast into a a lighter golden smooth, slick-swiping, greasy waxy surfaced badder-sauce with less chunkiness. This one’s yield/volume post-whip looked fat&healthy. Burns down throughly & cleans up easily. Really clean CC.

Profile: 9.75/10 Nose: 9.45/10
This jars Z terps were slightly more complex then the last. This jar had a stronger presence of the pine-diesel fuel, grape cream, & florals while last jar had more sour lemon-lime candy dominance. The grapefruit, tropical fruits, citrus, lemon-lime candy, freezer burnt grape ice cream, skunky cheesy pungency & rubbery fuel are all loud & easily identifiable. A menthol note with berries & vanilla is also becoming apparent to me as an undertone this jar. Candy, Fruity, Creamy, & Pungent. Decently loud.

Flavor: 96/100 F.Strength: 95/100 F.Retention: 93/100 Clouds: 93/100 Cleanliness: 94/100
Awesome Z flavor once again, strong accurate translations for 5-6pulls over 1:20 on 496*. The zkittlez candy is lifelike with its sugary sweetness & candy creaminess. Perfect ratios of: Lemon, lime, grapefruit, pinesol, grape, florals, sugary candy, rubbery leathery fuel, freezer burn pungency, citrus, ice cream, menthol & vanilla. Inhale is sharp & gassy with fuel, the exhale is tasty smooth and creamy. Mouth is covered in fruity candy, citrus, and purple terps.

Overall: 96.25/100
This jar seemed to come in a new state where the last came greased down before I opened it, causing the terps to express a touch differently, & the appeal to look different upon opening the jar (& ticket point being 23% less) the score jumps from 92 to 96.25

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram (www.instagram.com/cali_bud_reviews) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDx2wiI-UdUUahelnk9SPXQ)!

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