Pre-roll Review: Banana Cream x Jealousy by Flightpath

Flightpath Banana cream X jealousy preroll review

Lineage/Genetics: Banana Cream x Jealousy

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Flightpath

Terpene Profile: Unknown

@flightpathco @flightpathofficial

This review was courtesy of flightpath, the hottest brand new to the legal scene. The flower review was very high scoring! Let’s see how the preroll compares!

Weight: 1.34g with paper/filter

Appeal: 95/100
Element papers! This grind is perfect; not to fine, not to chunky, you can tell it has a sticky & firm pack to it! Flower looks light green with visible trichomes & orange pistils.

Aroma- 88/100
Sour dankness. Gassy, with heavy cookie terps. Baked cookie, doughy cookie, dough-mint. Herbal musky spice, has a slight background cheesiness to it I didn’t get from the nugs. Then it has the skunky burnt gelato fruit sherbet terps less present but still there.
Also has Very sweet candy florals.

Dry pull: 94/100
Dry pull is reverse from aroma; with the skunky freezer burnt gelatos taking the lead. Fruity. Sherbet, pine. Ice cream. Sweetness, florals… with the herbals, & cookie less present. However the dough-mint is still just as strong as the gelato/sherb.

Burn: 88/100
Good burn, even burn, mostly white ash, with some grey, & some pepper. Clear wet resin layer, very thick, the oil terp drip comes & goes. Sometimes average sized, other times fading just to the clear wetness layer. Excellent airflow. Packed very well. Although The end by filter could be packed lil bit tighter. Mostly Pleasant smoke & Smooth but Gassy herbals can be rough some puffs.

Taste: 93/100
Sweet gassy skunky gelato mint. Pine, Herbals, musk, spice. Sweet candy ish florals. Baked cookie, dough. Pie crust, Cream. Sherbet notes. Sour Gas dankness. Diesel? Delicious Desert Gas.

Effect & potency: 93.5/100
5 puffs to feel effects, but the nugs hit me in 3 puffs. However both lasted 2.5 – 3 hours duration. Heavy body high. Strong chest & stomach gravitational pull. Melted & couch locked. Mind is total relaxed, nodding while puffing. Sleepy, stoned af. Strong head change but body is the strongest.

Overall: 93/100
Good stuff. They’re using some good buds for their rolls! ✅ however it’s hard to beat that 3g cola that came in their mylar ! 💯

Nothing is ever for sale!

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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