Vape Review: P90 Juice Cart by Coldfire Extracts

P90 @coldfireextracts @blueprint_california

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Blueprint

Grower: Blueprint

Processor: Coldfire Extracts

P90 Juice Cart Review

Packaged: 1/17/21 THC: 88.6% 886mg

Found the full g cart. And it was almost same ticket as the last half g i just had. So that’s good for me.

Appeal: 100/100
Great appeal, love the packaging. And the sticker with strain. The ceramic? Coils are nice and smooth.

Air bubble: 85/100
Bigger bubble, although last tank was half gram size… so that could be proportional? Lol trying to look at the bright side of things this week.

Aroma: 96/100
Sweet florals. Spicy herbals, sour dankness, sweet gassy kush. Deep cream almost like a cookie variation. Lemon and pine backgrounds

Smoke 96/100 Taste 96/100
Sweetness! Cream! Sour gas dankness. You guys been hearing me call that combo ‘dark chocolate’ for months, but now I have it confirmed cuz the box describes this as chocolate and espresso bean. And yes it’s the same chocolate taste I’ve been finding in the good resins. And was actually able to pinpoint the espresso bean in the exhale, so learned a new one today. It’s different then the biscotti coffee taste tho. Also has florals, herbal spice, gas, lemon pine, and possibly some mint and or cookie

Effect 95/100 Potency 93/100
Mind is Stoney, good head change, with some focus and uplift. Body is relaxed but also has a hybrid half uplifted vibe. Hybrid vibes. Although it is 7am. I’ll puff at night to see a difference, effects hit in one puff, but the potency rush don’t come til puff 5 so terp power is stronger then the thc power imo. (Edit : mind is cloudy hazy and calmed, but clear and efficient, im able to work hard, while keeping a semi-cloudy buzz that keeps me clear enough to work, body buzz has the gravitational pull in chest/ shoulders)

Overall: 92.5/100
Great stuff! Especially now that I found them for a fair ticket! Much happier with them all around cuz of that! Great quality. Maybe too much terps tho? Gotta have the right balance Foreal the highest numbers not always the best.

Nothing is ever for sale

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