Tincture Review: Tangies and Cream RCO Tincture

This FFEPDX x Cannassentials Tangies and Cream high THC tincture is just two simple ingredients, liquid coconut oil and FFE’S RCO, and contains ~1000mg of THC. The tincture came in a glass bottle with a 1ml dropper in the cap and had a strong distinct orange citrus smell to it 🍊🍊🍋

Lineage/Genetics: Tangie x Cookies & Cream

Grower/Processor: Cannassentials/Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Tangies and Cream RCO Tincture Review

I decided to start testing this product by replacing my daytime cannacaps with a half a dropper, ~16mg THC, of tincture. For my first experience, I applied the tincture under my tongue and held it for 60 seconds to allow for sublingual absorption. The flavor was actually very good and didn’t just taste like a mouthful of coconut oil. The Tangies and Cream really came through and was a strong and pleasant orange Tangie flavor 😋

I soon noticed a nice uplifting and mood enhancing effect followed later by the medicinal effects that I needed to start my day. While it did work well, I found that the high didn’t last for as long as I wanted and decided to switch to adding the tincture to a beverage for future doses. The flavor was more subtle yet still quite strong when mixed. It’s not a standard cannabis flavor like you find in a lot of edibles, so it might be ok for those that don’t enjoy that flavor, but it definitely has a distinct taste to it.

Overall the Tangies and Cream tincture worked pretty well for me for daytime use, however I found it didn’t work quite as well for my IBS as other meds I had around, and decided to switch to only using the Tangies and Cream first thing in the morning. Another thing was that the tincture is formulated 2.5x weaker than the capsules I make for myself, meaning I had to consume 2.5x more coconut oil to take the same dose. This can add up to quite a bit depending on how many doses I take in a day. For me personally, I’d rather use FFE’s FECO2 and make my own capsules/tincture but I can see how this is a good option for those who don’t want to, or can’t, make it themselves. The effects were a good start for my mornings though and the flavor was very tasty 😋

Made 2/3/22

Tested 2/14/22 Rose City Labs

This review was sponsored by FFEPDX

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