Edible Review: Watermelon (Gelato) Fruit Chews by Lost Farm


strain: gelato

flavor: watermelon

Pack: 1/21/22

Processor: Lost Farm by Kiva @lostfarmbykiva

@bwl_official619 came through for the flightpath samples I had for him, and he dropped this bag of edibles on me. Super appreciative of that! Follow my guy for those beer and weed logs!Today I had ct scans, and decided to eat the whole bag prior (was supposed to do 4 hours fasting oops) ! But they hit nice and taste great. let’s get into the review!

Appeal- 95/100
Love the design and Pouch, the pinkcubes are perfect and look like watermelons pressed into starburst cubes. The wrapper is appealing as well, tons of info on the back of the pouch.

Taste- 95/100
Watermelon starburst juicy type candy flavors. Sweet and creamy melons. But it also has the hashy cannabis after taste in it, floral cannabis, gassy but sweet hashy taste.

Effect- 92/100
30min- 1hr: Strong stomach rush starts first, then it builds up to the chest. Mad chest pressure eventually the headband and eyes get hit too. Strong relaxing powerful vibes, but a creative uplifted mood enhanced euphoria also is present. 2 hours in: the body gets super heavy and melty, mind is Stoney/cloudy, thoughts tends to drift to different deep subjects, peaceful vibes. Body high strongest. Hour3: mental buzz is even with body buzz now.. Both Slapping hard. Intoxicating. Relaxing and Sleepy. Will update with the effects of hours 4-6 later after I kick back and rest. Time to enjoy this one.

Potency- 90/100
100mg got me right. Usually it takes me 150-250.. so that’s impressive. My tolerance has dropped a bit recently too, but great product. Had me feeling it hard during the IV CT scan, and got me through it. Mission accomplished ✅ 💪

Overall: 93/100
Fire edible, this is close to 710labs hash rosin edibles. Very impressive, hella tasty. Strong effects. Good potency!

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