Vape Review: Dream Rosin Disposable by PodTones


Processor: PodTones @podtones

Dispensary: Cakehouse Vista

PodTones Dream Solventless Rosin Disposable Review

Packaged: 11/15/2021 THC: 228mg 76% CANNA: 246mg 82%

This Review made possible by @cakehouse_vista , great shop. Highly recommended.

Appeal: 80/100
Says over an eighth of nugs. But it’s only 240mg thc.. and eighth of fire has 900-1000mg thc. I’m not sure what comparison there meaning. I’m assuming this is hash rosin, so I would take that as meaning “this is equal smoke to an eighth of flower” … And I thought it was half g when I ordered it online, and was only .3, weedmaps didn’t list how much was in it.. it does have a high ticket due to being solventless but still great product nonetheless.
The stick itself has 2 fluid peep holes, is discreet and sleek

Air bubble: 85/100
Big bubble, but it’s only a .3 so that’s to be expected. 10 puffs later pretty close to empty

Aroma: 92/100
Sweet! Candy! Floral, citrus, orange, rainbow sherbet-ish. Gas. Pine. & lemon. Creamy and sour dank.

Smoke 96.5/100 Taste 95/100
Extremely clean! This is what I was hoping for! Smooth pure and clean. Sweet and creamy. Herbals spice and musk come out here. Then the florals, with sweetness, candy gas, fruity sherbet cookie cream, citrus. Gas. Cream, sour danks. Has the sweet/cream/dank. = dark chocolate rosin after taste

Effect 94/100 Potency 91.5/100
4 puffs had me faded for 2 hours. First hour peaked, next hour just faded. Very heavy indica relaxing both in mind and body, strong changes to both immediately upon hitting. Fast onset, but peak rush is only an hour or so, 2 hours total. No anxiety or energy. Mind was cloudy, hazy, calmed, slowed down, but happy and euphoric. Body was couch locked, heavy/ melted and pain relief.

Overall: 91.5/100
I had few small issues before smoking, but the quality makes up for it. Great stuff! Lots of potential here!! Very High ticket but it is solventless and good quality. Bigger portions would be better. It doesn’t last very long but it’s fuego.

Nothing is ever for sale

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