Tincture Review: 1:1 CBG:THC Tincture from FFEPDX

Dispensary: The Potland

Processor:Farmer’s Friend Extracts

1:1 CBG:THC Tincture Review

This 1:1 CBG:THC Tincture from Farmer’s Friend Extracts came in a 1oz dropper bottle with an included 1ml dropper for easy dosing. The bottle contains ~150mg of THC and CBG and a 1ml dose equals about 5mg of each cannabinoid. The tincture doesn’t list the variety of the RCO (refined cannabis oil) used, but I was told it’s Tangimal (Tangie x Animal Cookies).

I took 2 droppers full of tincture under my tongue every three hours or so in place of my cannacaps. The tincture was very tasty 😋 There was no off flavor or harshness to it and it was quite enjoyable.

I found the tincture to be fast acting when taken sublingually and I noticed some excellent mood elevation in addition to keeping my IBS symptoms in check 😊 The effects didn’t make me sleepy and lasted all the way until my next dose 🙌🏼

Overall I loved this 1:1 CBG:THC from FFE 🤗 The flavor was great and the effects were excellent for my microdose regiment 👍🏼 I definitely have to recommend this one to anyone looking to try 1:1 CBG in low doses 💯

Made 6/15/22

Tested 6/27/22 Green Leaf Labs

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This review was done in partnership with The Potland

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug
For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older
Keep out of the reach of children


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