Strain Review: Lavender Gelato by rythm

Today I will be reviewing Lavender Gelato by Rythm which is an in-house strain produced by GTI themselves. This strain caught my eye. I’ve seen it going around at a couple different dispensaries recently and finally I made the jump to go ahead and grab some to try out for myself. I’ve usually had good luck with rhythm lately with their flowers so this batch was relatively fresh. It was harvested back in February of this year and packaged in March so it had a perfect time to properly dry and cure.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder/Grower: Rythm

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene Dominant

Lavender Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This batch also stood out to me because of its high THC content coming in at a nice 30% in all and I also love how rhythm shows off the different terpene profiles of the terps in the Strain. Listed on the stream specific Terpenes found in this were Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, linalool and limonene, which gave it a strong and complex aroma. It had a very strong woodsy aroma with nice floral undertones, the woodsyness reminded almost of a chem funk.

Once I sparked this up in a joint I rolled, you got a very earthy & floral flavor on the initial toke with light cakey undertones on the exhale. After about 10 minutes the hig began to creep in, a nice hybrid strain that helped my muscles relax and my shoulders relax but not to the point of being couch locked. I found this to also help treat any minor pain I had from inflammation followed by heavy munchies on the come down of the high.

Overall I was very impressed with this strain from the quality of the flower to the strength of the effects. This is definitely an in house strain by GTI that I would definitely pickup again if I was looking for a nice hybrid to relax after a long day but still get stuff done!

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Cannabis Reviews by Midwest Dazed

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