Dab Review: Tangies and Cream RCO by FFEPDX

Today I’m going to be reviewing some RCO (Refined Cannabis Oil) from FFEPDX. For those who don’t know what RCO is, it’s a full spectrum Co2 oil that is typically sold in cartridges. FFE has their RCO available in “dripper” form so that you can dab it, smoke it or eat it (you can even use them to fill your own cartridges or pods). These drippers are available in both cultivar specific and CBN/CBG “rich” (cultivar specific + hemp extract), and I’ll be reviewing a few different varieties over the next few weeks. Ok, now let’s get to the review 🕵️

Lineage/Genetics: Tangie x Cookies & Cream

Grower/Processor: Cannassentials/Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Tangies and Cream RCO Review

This FFEPDX x Cannassentials Tangies and Cream (Tangie x Cookies & Cream) RCO came in a unique type of syringe called a “dripper”. The oil was almost clear with a yellow tint to it. I couldn’t smell anything before I removed the sealed cap, but as soon as I unscrewed it I got a very strong orange Tangie nose 🍊🍊 with some unique sour notes to it 😋

It was pretty easy to drip two drops of oil into my banger and this worked well for me since I cold start my dabs. The flavor was very strong sour orange Tangie gas 🍋🍊⛽ Quite nice 😋, but it also had just a bit of that generic/off flavor that I usually find in refined oils. This RCO was very smooth to dab though with just some minor nose tingle.

The high was uplifting, giving me a strong headband effect, while also being clear headed and providing me with a good amount of full body relief 🤗 The effects were strong and not lacking in complexity or medicinal value 👍🏼

Since this RCO can be eaten as is, I decided to try taking some as an edible. I dripped two drops, about the same amount I’ve been dabbing, into a capsule to try. This worked pretty well for me, giving me a nice uplifting high and some full body relief as well.

Overall I found the Tangies and Cream RCO to be a high quality product. It worked well for me medicinally and had great flavor. If you are someone who enjoys or wants to try RCO, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Made 12/18/21

Tested 12/29/21 Green Leaf Lab

This review was sponsored by FFEPDX

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