Pre-roll Review: Fidels x Cookies Mini Hash Holes

Fidel’s x cookies hash hole 2g cheetah piss flower (cookies) .5 g papaya rosin

Brand: Fidel’s x Cookies

Fidels Mini Hash Hole Review

Completely forgot I recorded anything for this so I figured I’d drop a mini review of it. I don’t really review pre rolls but I figured with how popular Fidel’s hash holes are, someone would want to read about them. I’ve never tried any flower from cookies and I’ve also never tried a hash hole so I was very excited for this. Let’s see if these two titans of the industry put together some magic or boof. As soon as you crack the seal on the tube, u can slightly smell the flower and really smell the rosin. Smelled like some zebra stripe gum. Very fruity. The flower was very earthy smelling so it was a nice combo. I will say I didn’t enjoy the flavor quite as much as the smell. The flower was just kind of dull tasting and it took a while to start tasting the rosin. When u do get to it, the taste isn’t as strong as you’d think. One thing I will say there is no doubt about the fact that you’ll be crazy high by the end of this. Smoked two. First one literally felt like I was laying on a cloud after getting a muscle massage from god himself. Unfortunately tho I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was asleep within 25 min haha. 2nd time, same kind of high but luckily I stayed awake haha. I couldn’t have been more in to the movie I was watching haha! Had me very focused and in a great mood. Literally kept feeling higher and higher for like an hour straight until I passed out again haha. Needless to say I really liked the high. Now for the only negative part. Both times I had a really hard time getting them to burn evenly. I would not be surprised at all if it was my fault because I just don’t smoke joints that often (smoke blunts) and everytime I do smoke a joint I have problems with them running. Had to mention it tho. Overall loved these things and highly suggest them if you want the fidely experience without breaking the bank! Overall 8.5/10



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