Pre-roll Review: Pineapple preroll by Radicle Herbs

At the state fair, one of the brands I got to meet was none other than radicle herbs. Dan and I hit it off while talking and I walked away with a gifted sample. Their motto is:

“Living Soil Cosmic Grass”

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Radicle Herbs

Medium: Living Soil

Terpene Profile: Unknown

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Radicle Herbs Pineapple pre roll Review

Dan told me the pre roll was either pineapple or dog walker. With that knowledge in hand, I really examined the pre roll before smoking it to try and narrow it down.

I’m pretty sure (like 99%) it was Pineapple – and I say that having never smoked the dogwalker strain still. Whatever cultivar it was, it was a fine example of some high quality herb. Not a dogwalker sized doob – either.

The dry hit was sweet and tropically fruity with that sharp and acrid nose. Like a solarbeam. Really made me and my partner smack our lips. I bet the whole nugs from Radicle Herbs are fire.

The high was very enjoyable. Very euphoric. I got the giggles like I haven’t gotten the giggles in over a decade. This wasn’t after a tolerance break or anything – it was just straight up a different enough terpene profile that it took me for a joyous bike ride around the island.

Smooth smoke and not a dried out joint. Definitely something that makes me – and should make you – want to try more by Radicle Herbs.


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