Pre-roll Review: Triple OG Wood Tip Infused Preroll by WeedWoodz

Brand- WeedWoodz @weedwoodz_official @dr.dewbeez

Product- Infused Wood Tip Preroll.

Strain- Triple OG

WeedWoodz Triple OG Infused Wood Tip Preroll Review

Happy Friday followers another Pre-Roll review but this is one of different reasons because it’s infused.
Here’s the details of this product, 1.5 G of grinded indoor flower along with 1 G of concentrate wrap in a Hemp Wrap and with Wax Spots within the Wrap paper itself and with a Wood Tip.
Since the strain is a straight indica you can expect some crazy effects to slowly creep up on you from your feet to your head and feel your eyes slowly go low and low as you smoke this. Don’t smoke this by yourself because it would be dangerous if you ask me.
Share and Share but if your experience is high and you think you can handle it good luck with that because even myself was feeling it within a few puffs.
Onset- Within a Few Seconds of smoking it.
Duration- 1 ½.
Effects- relaxed, euphoric, happy, and sleepy.
Aroma- Fuel, Skunk.
Another one to add to my books unfortunately it was gifted to me so I’m not sure about the price but I would recommend it if you like some hard hitting pre-rolls or infused because you can’t go wrong with them.
No left over residue,
(Resin Ring with White Ash)
++attached is the ingredients++.



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