Strain Review: Mangocello Sun Rocks by LA Fruitcart

Brand- LA Fruitcart @la.fruitcart
Strain- #mangocello
Product- Flower+Shatter

Mangocello Sun Rocks Review

Thank you to @la.fruitcart for a nice launch over @semillahrc_ and the opportunity to chat about your product. What you see is a sativa strain with shatter all combined and together and ready to be enjoyed and prepare to be lifted for a while and even then the effects are great, overall feeling of creativity, a bit energized and still feeling elevated while not feeling stoned, onset is about 1 and half hour (more depending on how much you smoke). Burns great all around and breaks apart easily and even rolls great, recommend for experience smokers but Beginners might enjoy it as well…There is a reason there call Sun Rocks and they take you way up…
Thank you again La.Fruit Cart & Sun Rocks..

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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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