Rolling Review: Rolls® Smart-filter joint tips

@rollsfiltersusa sent me some free samples of their smart filter to try out.

Rolls® Smart filter Review

rolls smart filter rolling review by pdxstonemanWon’t lie, they’re a little awkward to roll at first because of their shape, but my lungs definitely felt less gunky and dirty after I put the J out, and they get way easier after a couple successes. They’re not something I’m gonna use for every joint, and I haven’t tried them on a Backwood yet, but they’re a cool little gadget that’s definitely worth picking up every once in a while. Shoutout to @rollsfiltersusa for sending me the stuff. I always like to try new rolling gadgets and tell people about them. . . . #rawlife #joint #cannabiscommunity #rollingloud #weedstagram420 #rollssmartfilters #filtertips #stonergadgets #weedgear
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (

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