Strain Review: Apple Mintz by Backpack Boyz

It’s the Apple Mintz strainFrom @backpackboyz420__41510 @backpackboyz4twenty @______backpackboyz420 @mr__c.e.0 @_compa_p @quesada925 @bullywiz

Lineage/Genetics: Apple Fritter x Kush Mints

Original Breeder: Clearwater Genetics

Grower: Backpack Boyz

Apple Mintz Strain Review

Beautiful all around nugs from backpack boyz. These smell like such a great balance between sweet and cool/smooth. The taste is insane and definitely resembles a apple fritter fresh out the frier, of course with hints of fuel and coolness from the kush mintz. I find myself incredibly uplifted initially with a onset couch lock effect which is always best for a night cap. Truly a must have for any personal stash!!



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