Strain Review: Bermuda Triangle by Pure Beauty

Here we have @purebeautypurebeauty #bermudatriangle

Picked up from: @tradecraftfarms_porth

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Pure Beauty

Dispensary: Tradecraft Farms

Bermuda Triangle Strain Review

bermuda triangle by pure beauty by can_u_smoke_test 2-Canu Review-

Smell: Like some musty old sage derby cheese and Kush.

Taste: musk, Kush, cheese, chem, hints of gas and citrus.

Bag Appeal: 10-10

Trim Job: 8-10 (little leaf)

Humidity: 10-10

Burn: 10-10 (white)

Potency: 10-10 (smacs)

Overall: 9-10

Buy again: yes, I’ve been wondering about this brand for a while now and just haven’t picked any up yet. I was impressed. Great smell great smoke. Just a little leafy for me 🤙🏻💣🔥


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