Strain Review: Biscotti by Connected Cannabis Co.

Biscotti 🍫🍧⛽ strain from @connected.california

Biscotti Strain Review

Huge thanks to my friend @bud.of.all.colors for helping me find this absolutely 🔥🔥🔥batch of one of my all time favorites!! I’m instantly hit with the chocolate ice cream funk with gas drizzle terps. And goddamn the colors and frost on this lady are jaw dropping. Ash burns hella white, and as always, it smokes hella smooth.

This one hits hard 💪 eyes low, numb body, wide smile, the classic biscotti. Hard to be anxious or upset on this kind of heavy hybrid smoke. If you got haters or having a tough day, this will erase all that negativity. Every time I get a chance to put biscotti in my jars, it feels like Christmas all over again~ new smoke and new genetics can come and go, but I’ll always be chasing that A1💯🔥 Connected Biscotti!!


DC Ent

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