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Strain Review: Bixcotti x GG x Oreoz by Doja Exclusive

🥖🦍🍪 : Bixcotti x GG x Oreoz @doja.pak @tnt.treesntreats916 Lineage/Genetics: Bixcotti x GG x Oreoz Original Breeder: Unknown Brand: Doja Exclusive Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bixcotti x GG x Oreoz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Man oh my, this one is by far one of the craziest combos I’ve ever had . Some real “Dont judge a book by its cover” type deal 🤣 crack the bag open and you get that instant Oreoz funk with a sharp nose Gorilla Glue background , very small hint tho, majority of the nose was oreoz gas, got a nice heavy aroma of this tangish gas. Looks just like both Bixcotti and Oreoz combined but with that subtle Green nug color of the gorilla glue . You notice the GG a lot more when you take it to the grinder, you get a super noticeable sour heavy GG aroma mixed with that nice Oreoz gas . The first time I tried her I told @916candleslit that “if this tastes like Bixcotti ima be fucked up in the head….” Lmfaao a three way monkey fuck? Geez … so before sparking it , it’s just a super crazy noticeable gassy funky GreaseMonkey vibes tbh .. but sparking it up , getting a nice smooth inhale with a super powerful exhale creep up choke . Taste was LEGIT aaaaaall Bixcotti , straight tasty terps that nice strong gelato sour-ish gassy kush. Amazing 😢 high was powerful too, straight put down, that GreaseMonkey Oreoz effect is powerful 😭 absolute one of the craziest crosses to date . Can tell thru each genetic . Mindblowing 😤🤯 I’d call it Chameleon 🦖🤣@doja.pak much love brutha, Flavor game is insane and I got a Top 5 or even Top 10 and best believe ZOAP made it up there with some great ones 😤🤝 reviews droppin REAAAL soon 🙏👑 bixcotti x gg x oreoz by doja exclusive strain review by thecannaisseurking #KingShit #Sactown #916 #Doja #Cookies #SF #Canna #415 #PhenoHunter #StrainCollector #FlavorChaser #Gorilla #ApeShit #GuineaPig #WhatsNext? #BigReviews #HugeMoves #SacOnTheMap #PAID #King #Cannasaurus👑🦖
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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯
Exotic Ashtray ♨️
Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯 Exotic Ashtray ♨️ Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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