Strain Review: Biscotti x Undisclosed by Good Pizzza

🥖🧀🍊 : Biscotti x Undisclosed or Vice Versa 🤣
@good.pizzza @exotiks916 @dailydoseexotics

Lineage/Genetics: Unknkown

Original Breeder: Exotiks916

Grower: Good Pizzza

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Biscotti x Undisclosed Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

My goodness 😭 I’m so stoned rn , I can see why you were callin it roadblock 🤣🗿 < feelin like that! To get started tho, cracking open the bag, you get this instant cheese punch to the face . Smell it long enough it turns into this greenish funk . There’s a sharp hint of a citrus biscotti background but not as noticeable ! The looks got somewhat of that biscotti color and somewhat the build but whatever strain you crossed it with is taking over almost every trait 😂 having a battle frfr . You grind up the bugs and couldn’t help but open it instantly to see how funky it’s gonna be 😂 Super pungent citrus cheese up front but a heavy funky biscotti sour twist in the background 😤 Super different nose for sure ! First time I smelled it , it was literally similar to some sort of pizza , idk if that’s intentional or what but man … she’s a keeper for sure 😭 Lit up instantly, white ashes before even hitting , got the first inhale and it’s real smooth, got a second and it’s a slow but sure creep up choke, super potent , and yet , a noticeable nice sour biscotti taste! All biscotti , cheese gone, sour stayed and biscotti shown itself! Heavy high, you start feeling the effects more n more all the way to the end 🥱 Sitting here stoned rn typing this 😂 Name for it ? idk .. 🗿🗿🗿 whatever they called those heads 😂 that’s how I’m feelin for sure !

biscotti x undisclosed by good pizzza x exotiks916 strain review by thecannaisseurking 2

@exotiks916 one helluva job Brutha! Can’t wait to meet you personally 🙏🦖🤝👑 @dailydoseexotics thank you for being so cool Brutha ! Can’t wait to grab that Bubble Bath 🧼 Stay Tuned Ya’ll ! More @good.pizzza ON THE WAY! #ZOAP #4516 #GreatPizza #NJ #CA #SF #SAC #AlienGang #TasteTester #PhenoHunter #StrainCollector #BeanFreak #PAID #StayTuned #HugeMoves #FuhgetAboutIt #Gabagoo #SacOnTheMap #Royalty #KingShit #Capeesh?#WhatsNext? #YouKnowThe #Vibes #King #Cannasaurus👑🦖

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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯
Exotic Ashtray ♨️
Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

flower mill ad - X grind, yes mill


Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯 Exotic Ashtray ♨️ Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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