Cultivar Review: StarCab by Loyalty7_icmag

Starcab cultivar #starcab by @loyalty7_icmag

Lineage/Genetics – Gmo x Stardawg (tres dawg x chemdog #4)

Bred by: Top Dawg Seeds @therealtopdawgseeds

Grower: Loyalty7_icmag

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Assisted by @burlandoelsystema

Starcab Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by letmeseewhatusmokin

@loyalty7_icmag is an up and coming cultivator from the east coast, growing exclusives flowers like pc3 from @piffcoastfarms and now Stardawg from @therealtopdawgseeds. @top_dawg_genetics_ illustrious StarCab is chem on steroids. @loyalty7_icmag put in work on this cultivar. From the structure, aroma and effects, it’s an east coast beauty. The sample nug I received from my stoner bro @burlandoelsystema, consist of a variety of colors. The trichomes and sunset color pistils stand out. I see a blend of lime green, forest green on the hues and bud. The palate is on a pinene terps vibes , zesty garlic 🧄 musky, onion, woodsy with hints of citrus. I can taste the chem garlic fumes , though smooth on the inhale. The scent is a strong diesel, floral, earthy aroma. It’s the smell of a chem influenced strain for chem lovers.

StarCab made me reminisce of white dawg from #topdawgseeds. That tres dawg & gmo is on the taste and the potency of this flower . The high is felt around the first two pulls of the joint. I rolled it on a @rawlife247 organic black rolling paper. The effects are heavy intense cerebral at first. It changes to medium cerebral, an hour after the high sets in . StarCab is good clean smoke with salt white ash and oil resin, leaving evidences of fume on this flower. The high can last about 1.5-2 hours. It’s perfect for a wake n bake, actually it surprised me because of the strong after smoke effects. StarCab is most definitely a keeper shout out to @loyalty7_icmag for the amazing work and @burlandoelsystema for blessing me with this rare small batch flower. 4.8/5 …
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Review by Robbreefa

Starcab (gmo x star dawg) by @loyalty7_icmag

Reefa rating:
Smell- ✅
Reefa recommended- ✅

Linked up With the bro @burlandoelsystema and he told me “yo try this bro tell me what you think,,,that’s ny grown.” I said iight cool,threw it in my bag. By time I got home I had forgot bout it lowkey. Until the evening the next day is when I went to my bag to get it and as soon as I opened it up my bag had old cheese earthy smell to it. I said goddamn shit pungent and this motherfucker a looker. Nice variety of green hues and Frosty trichs. Burned clean ash with a smooth inhale and exhale . The high is really what sold me on this tho. I mean no more then 5 pulls in before you feel a Chung-li like kick to the middle of ya dome. If ya tolerance not up you gonna be stuck for 2hrs nfs. Deff an enjoyable cultivar💯🍃

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