Strain Review: Black Cherry Garlic by 9 Mile Farm

Black Cherry Garlic

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: 9 Mile Farm @9milefarm

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Black Cherry Garlic Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Stricter scores still in effect

Aroma: B+
very unexpected floral base. Sweet cherry fruity florals mix with light hints of gmo musky funk, but it’s much lighter than I was expecting with the black cherry candy florals taking the lead. Breaking the nugs reveals a sativa-ish type of peppery pungency. With undertones of lemon gas, freezer burn gelato, and pine. Very crisp and sharp. Aftergrind reveals more pine, and more hints of the gmo garlick onion musk terps. A light touch of clove and barley hops is also present.

Appeal: A-
Dark nugs made of purps, and dark blue leaves, with green highlights bases and tips. Dark orange pistils with a peachy tint have similar to a sativa type stringy/ cheesy looking coverage, trichomes have a thick inner coating with medium length and width stalks. Nice decent size heads on them especially on the inners. Has Some fuzzy outside coverage. Very soft and moist, mid stick, & very greasy. Big chunky nugs with proper density whole remaining mostly calyxed out.

Burn A/A+ Taste B-
Very White ash, rare pepper flakes. Huge motor oil terp ring. Very pleasant too. Taste were sweet cherry, with heavy florals. Background musky onion garlic and clove mix with some herbal spices, freezer burn gelato, cookie and pine.

Effect: B+ Potency B+
Nice effects, relaxing body buzz with some mental uplift, subsides to more relaxing as time goes on. Stoney cloudy and happy. Calming and had me get some good sleep after 2.25 hours. Finished the cone with ease but w/ solid effect strength.

Overall: A-
Not much negative to say here. The aroma wasn’t what I was expecting but was still nice. Appeal and cure is great. Burn was excellent had great pleasantness with it, taste was average. Effects and potency were solid. So far it’s probably the best for overall quality. Almost a b+ but the overall quality gives it the a- .

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