Strain Review: Black Cherry Gelato from The Flowery

Black Cherry 🍒 Gelato 🍧@floweryflorida

Lineage/Genetics: Black Cherry Funk x Acai Gelato

Breeder/Grower: Backpack Boyz

Dispensary: The Flowery

Black Cherry Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I really enjoyed this black cherry gelato from the flowery and I was really impressed by the overall bud structure, the trichome coverage and everything really. this has to be one of the best eighths I’ve gotten in this Florida medical mj program . The smell and taste were just as expect and tasted and smelled like cherries . I found the bud to be the perfect consistency between sticky and easy to break up by hand or in the grinder. Looking forward to more fire drops from The flowery team . Keep it up y’all !!

🧬 Black Cherry Funk X Acai Berry Gelato 49
👅 cake 🍰 and tart cherry inhale . cherry soda on the palate that lingers on exhale
👃 once I pop open the flowery jar I immediately get a sweet fruit scent that I hints of citrus and a wisp of cherry soda 🥤
🧠 very relaxing after every puff I felt myself melting more and more into the bed almost as if I was a pint of ice cream left on the counter melting on the counter. After the first couple puffs I sat and enjoyed the flavor of the smoke and as I melted I find a grin come across my face a sorta relaxed joy. Feeling really heavily around my eyes I began to feel an appetite build. The relaxing effects left me so melted i could muster the energy to go make a snack right away I had to work up the energy but the cookies and milk was worth it.
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