Strain Review: Mendo Breath by Trichome Farms

Mendo Breath

Lineage/Genetics: (OG Kush Breath x Mendo Montage)

Grown by: Trichome Farms @trichome_farms ✨

Bred by: Gage Green Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Trichome Farms Mendo Breath Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

In terms of visual appeal, the Mendo Breath is stunning. At first glance, it appears to be characterized by big, exotic-looking pewter and orange nugs. The silvery coloration is actually an amalgam of faded mauve and blackish leaves enveloped in humungous trichomes. There are splashes of more traditional green and purple colors in the crevices of the buds, but, in general, this flower is almost monochromatic in terms of hue, distinguished only by fiery pistil tendrils 😍

The nose on the Mendo Breath is incredible. It’s a complex, ambrosial, and overall funky scent that those familiar with the cultivar will recognize immediately. I conceptualize it as a savory, earthy funk with notes of woody kush and seasoned nuttiness. It also has a deep sweetness that diffuses the entire profile and emanates from the jar. It’s both teasingly decadent and highly pungent ⛽️

The taste on the Mendo Breath translates impeccably. It’s earthy, pungent, and somewhat gassy with notes of wood and seasoned nuttiness. It has an overall sweetness that stands at the periphery of the profile. Ive seen others compare the smell/taste of Mendo Breath to vanilla or caramel, but I find the profile to lean more towards earthy and robust, with the sweet notes being more nuanced. Either way, it’s a unique flavor that stains the tongue for hours after smoking 👅

The Mendo Breath is an exquisite smoke. It has a powerful and sedating high with significant body heaviness and moderate mental stimulation. It’s a weighty strain that has the potential to sink me into the couch after a cone or two. The strain is soft on the outside, but leaves a significant amount of sticky residue on the fingers when breaking up by hand. It burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Mendo Breath from Trichome Farms is extraordinary. This batch not only check the boxes, it epitomizes what I expect to see in a top shelf Mendo Breath. From the astonishing bag appeal to the knockout high to the distinct Mendo profile that is recognizable from the first smell or taste, this strain is everything it should be and more 🔥



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