Strain Review: Piñata Punch by Elysian Winds

Piñata Punch

Lineage/Genetics: (Z x Horchata)

Grown by: Elysian Winds @elysian.winds

Bred by: Wyeast Farms @wyeast_farms2 ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Elysian Winds Piñata Punch Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

pinata punch by elysian winds strain review by pnw_chronic 2Pinata Punch easily checks the box for visual appeal given it’s stellar appearance. The nugs are small to medium sized and dense. In terms of tone, the buds are a delightful gradient of midnight purple and black. A handful of bronze pistils and emerald leafage pop out in various places. A thin coating of sparkling trichomes covers the nugs, making them look like they are frosted with granular sugar 😍

The nose on Piñata Punch is astounding. The main scent profile is cloyingly sweet sugar. It’s that bottom of a bag of Sour Patch Kids type sugary sweet that really gets my motor running. There are more subtle notes of tropical fruit, light cream, and burning gas that expertly compliment the sweetness and enhance the aroma. Breaking open buds unveils stronger burned sugar and petrol terps. I found myself deeply sniffing the jar and geeking out every time I opened it 🍬

The flavor on Piñata Punch is expressed flawlessly. The sugary sweet and fruity flavors from the Z side of the cross titillate the tongue with a zing that only the best Z strains do. It’s a mouthwatering combination of hot sugar, tropical fruit, and tangy citrus terps that please the palette. There are creamy and gassy notes in the profile, but, overall, the flavor mostly reminds me of candied rainbow bacon, or some other combination of sugary gummy candy 🤤

Pinata Punch has a satisfying high. I felt moderate head pressure and light body effects along with an eye-drooping heaviness in the face. The high is mostly middle of the road but leans slightly more toward debilitation. The flower is soft, not sticky, and somewhat dry when breaking up and rolling. It produces a negligible amount of kief. It smokes smoothly with a faint throat tickle. Overall, though, it’s a remarkably agreeable smoking experience 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Pinata Punch is phenomenal. The cultivar hits all of the criteria, but the taste and smell are where it elevates above other contenders on the top shelf. I’ve had two batches of this strain, both Real McCoy farm cuts originally bred by Wyeast, and I can say it’s just insanely impressive work all around 🔥

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