Strain Review: Space Gello by Rip City Roots

Space Gello

Lineage/Genetics: (Space Runtz x Gello)

Grown by: Rip City Roots @ripcityroots

Bred by: Tikimadman @tikimadman ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Space Gello Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

space gello by rip city roots strain review by pnw_chronic 2The Space Gello has unbelievable visual appeal. The condensed, rounded buds are more white than anything else from an abundance of trichomes encrusting every crevice. The trichomes look thick and bushy from how dense the concentration of stalks is with massive resin glands on top. Some dark violet, almost black coloration can be seen through the crystalline avalanche. Forest green leafage appears infrequently, but more so towards the bottom of nugs, and small specks of amber pistils dot the exterior here and there 😍

The nose on the Space Gello is exceptionally aromatic. It has a sweet candy forward with a sugary zing that quickly gives way to a tidal wave of soft creamy grape. It has subtle notes of orange citrus and ripe berries that support and enhance the fruitiness in the grape-cream expression. A penetrating air of spiced gas diffuses the entire profile. The smell kind of reminds me of fruity pebbles, fruit loops, and cereal milk 🍇

The taste on the Space Gello is just as special as the smell. It has a soft and luxurious inhale that is remarkable for a sweet creamy grape influence. The exhale, on contrast, is gassy and earthier. On the whole, it is a largely straight-forward, but succulent and savory taste. It gets my mouth watering and had me wanting more after each puff. The cultivar leaves a creamy and earthy aftertaste with a faint candied grape quality that slowly dwindles 🤤

The high on the Space Gello is seriously weighty. I noticed a heavy feeling in my shoulders, neck, and back, pressure behind my eyes, and a fogginess in my head almost immediately after smoking. This strain produces a commanding couch-lock. It is soft, dry, and not at all sticky when broken up. It produces a moderate amount of kief when ground 😶‍🌫️

The Space Gello is an astonishing cultivar all in all. Everything about the strain is top shelf. It’s hard to say what I like best about the strain from the ridiculously eye-catching bag appeal, to the Herculean high. The Space Gello has a unique profile that I could smoke all day. This is my first strain from Rip City Roots and I am impressed🔥




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