Strain Review: Indiana Bubblegum by White Wolf Cannabis

So, I fucked up and forgot that I didn’t have product photos for @thelowd before making promises about today. Due to my unforseen levels of professionalism, I’m pushing my Indiana Bubblegum review up to today. @white_wolf_cannabis is relatively new to the market, so I’m still thrilled to be doing this review.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: White Wolf Cannabis

Dispensary: Oregrown

Indiana Bubblegum Strain Review

indiana bubble gum by white wolf cannabis strain review by pdxstoneman 2If you’re into old school kush flavors and effects, this’ll be right up your alley. For me, Kush either leans toward what has become the classic “cookies” smell with the chocolatey, doughy notes, or it leans toward those kinda dank berry notes. Grape, black and red cherry, blackberry. That kinda shit. This one leans toward the latter, but not entirely without the former. Berries dominated the profile, but there was some chocolate and hashy spice in there, too. Seriously great for kush lovers on a budget.

The high comes in stages. Exclusively a night time smoke for me, it’s one of those that doesn’t necessarily leave you on your ass on the exhale, but you’ll be fighting sleep after about an hour. It’s rare that I find such a silver bullet for my sleep issues, but I actually have a couple dynamite insomnia strain reviews coming through soon if you include this.

All that said, I’ve found insomnia and sleep issues to be the most enigmatic in our community when it comes to treatment. Where I said the Blueberry Biscuits was good for sleep, others found it to be a good start to their day. Drugs affect individuals very differently, and cannabis is truly no exception. While this has been fantastic for my insomnia, I could see others using it as movie watcher, or a pain reliever that isn’t gonna leave you stupid and drooling.

I know @oregrownindustries isn’t always easy to shop at if you’re on a limited budget, but this stuff ran me $25.50 for the eighth with just a couple discounts. This farm overall is trying to keep their pricing accessible for people, which I thoroughly appreciate in literally the worst economic downturn in American history. They run a shit ton of @surfr gear, so they’re a great option for broke bois like myself to get strains like Point Break and still eat human food for dinner. Go ahead and give ’em a try.

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