Strain Review: Blue Candy Gelato by Cannatique

Blue candy gelato by cannatique

Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Cherry Gelato x Blueberry Cruffin

Breeder: Cannatique

Grower: Cannatique

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blue Candy Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I have a very love hate relationship with cannatique. A couple of their strains were my favorite smokes of the year. Their lcg and white zlurpee are my favorites. On the other hand, they have also put out a few strains I thought were straight misses. Some of them might not have been that bad but for whatever reason were all dry as fuck even tho they were freshly packaged. In my opinion that’s one of the worst things u can do is put out old or dry bud. I took a small break from their product till I saw this drop. Not only did the name sound good but I had seen the owner of cannatique say this was his favorite strain out of the new drops. Is cannatique gonna bounce back with some heat or disappoint?

Smell: 8/10 this is were I was the most disappointed. Didn’t smell bad but I had to put my whole face in the bag to be able to tell. For having candy in its name it was a very light sweet smell. I definitely think it has blueberry cruffin in it cause that’s the closest thing I’ve ever smelled to it. A little herbal and slightly creamy. If it would have been stronger then it would have been nice but I just could hardly smell it.

Look:9/10 this is where she shined. Very very white buds from all the trichomes. Shades of violet and bright green spread through the bud with super wild orange hairs. They were all smaller buds that were pretty soft. Still not the best cure but way way better then before. The buds foxtailed out in a bunch of spots. It was definitely a very unique bud. I liked it but thought they could have done better.

Smoke: 7.5/10 I really wanted to love this bud…. The high was nice but the actual smoke was a disappointment. None of those sweet terps transferred to the smoke. It was somewhat harsh too. Ash wasn’t bad but more gray then white. Luckily the high was pretty damn good. Very nice body high that quickly helps with aches and pains. It will melt all ur problems away for sure. I just personally didn’t like the smoking part to get to the high haha.

Overall: 8/10 I was honestly very disappointed in this. Partly because I built so much hype in my head thinking it was gonna be amazing. But even without the hype this just didn’t do it for me. Some people might like it if they’re just looking for a pretty bud that gets them zooted. I need some taste tho. I wanna know what I’m smoking is clean. I want top shelf if I’m paying top prices. This was good bud but not worth the price in my opinion. Love y’all cannatique hoping for something better next time.



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