Strain Review: Zazitos by Backpack Boyz

Zazitos by @backpackboyz_e and @fenixflexinofficial

Lineage/Genetics: Lemon cherry gelato x bubblegum gelato

Breeder/Grower: Backpack Boyz x Fenix Flexin

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Zazitos Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This strain shook the city up a couple months back. I heard nothing but great things about it and was super hyped to try it. Unfortunately only the black market bags were around and i don’t have the best luck with backpacks black market. Luckily it made its way to the stores and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it. I got two 8ths and was a little worried at first cause it felt kinda dry through the bag and the bud was from October. Did the strain live up to the hype or did it crumble under pressure?

Smell:9.5/10 this was the highlight for me. Not many strains actually smell like bubblegum but this truly did. Smelled like juicy fruit with a sharp lemon smell along with a fuming sharpie smell. Literally had my mouth watering every time I broke it up. The smell was also crazy strong. I was blown away by this smell and couldn’t keep my nose out the bag. I’d be very curious as to how it smells freshly packaged.

Look:8.5/10 this was very hard to judge. One 8th was all smalls that were super dry and I was super disappointed. The other was just one giant bug and was super fresh and sticky. It was COVERED in powdery keif along with trichs that shined like diamonds. It was a little on the darker green side with shades of purples with dark hairs. When u opened it up it was like a diamond mine. Beautiful. Overall this was some really beautiful bud but again I’d like to see it totally fresh. Bet it would have a much nicer look.

Smoke:9/10 I could not stop smoking this and was very disappointed when it was gone. It broke apart with a nice squeeze and nearly turned to powder with very little effort. Surprisingly tho it left my fingers crazy sticky. It tasted just like it smelled. Like juicy fruit. I was blowing it out my nose just to get the taste as much as possible it was so good. Sometimes the candy terps make it a little too sweet but this was perfect. Got me really really stoned too. Eyes red as the devils dick. Very relaxed high in my mind and body. Every time I rolled up there was a full thick resin ring and crazy white ash. Tasted very very clean. I actually liked the taste of this more then most lemon cherry gelatos and that’s my favorite tasting strain. If u want something flavorful grab this!

Overall: 9.1/10 they killed this strain! One of my favorite bubblegum strains I’ve had ever. And that’s saying something. My one and only complaint was that it was a little dry but for being a little mature it was amazing. The smoke taste and smell just blew my mind. I highly highly recommend getting this when new batches come around. Whether ur looking for flavor or power this will leave everyone happy.



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