Strain Review: White Limonata from Boston Is Potent

White Limonata – @bipotent

Nose: Fruity, Citrus, piney, gassy
Inhale: Citrus, piney, Candy, gassy, diesel
Exhale: Citrus, nutty, Candy

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Bred by: Undisclosed

Cultivated by: Undisclosed

Brand: Boston Is Potent

White Limonata Strain Review

white limonata from boston is potent strain review by toptierterpsmaAssisted by: @aye_karla_is_mine

Hey what’s up everyone? It is Saturday and finally the weekend is here 🙌🏻. Today I have another review for you and the debut for one of the first brands (if not the first to my knowledge) to bring the Mylar bag wave to the Boston area. As far back as 2017, when I started visiting friends of mine who moved to the Boston area, I have seen the Boston Is Potent bags floating around various parts of the city. Since I moved to the city a few years back, I have had the chance to try them on multiple occasions. Multiple sources have told me over the last couple years that they were the first ones to introduce Gelato to the Boston area way back when. Today I will be going over one of their staple offerings which is the White Limonata. I reached out to Boston Is Potent to obtain some information on the breeder/cult and, unfortunately, did not receive a response 😔. Nonetheless, being known for their flavorful profiles I was anxious to give this another try. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

First off, I applaud the creativeness with the double bag design BIP has put together. To my knowledge, they are the first ones I’ve seen do this and, for smokers like me who enjoy variety, this has potential to have big appeal on the traditional market. It comes with 2 different flavors consisting of 4gs a piece for each flavor. The bag appeal on the White Limonata is a play on the Pellegrino sparkling water bottle. When they first came out with this cultivar, I thought it was a creative spin on a top-shelf water brand signifying that they have full confidence in themselves and believe their product holds high quality. It’s also nice to see that they’ve updated the seal on their packaging since last obtaining weed from them earlier last year. I remember when I used to get from them the glue on the packaging would easily come undone after opening several times so kudos to them for tightening that up.

When I sparked the White Limonata in an Organic RAW, I was greeted with stiff citrus lemon terps to go along with a mix of fruity candy and some notes of pine. I also discovered a bit of diesel on some of the inhales due to the gassiness this fed off. On the way out, the terp profile retained that lemon citrus but I was also hit with a nutty taste I tend to experience on a lot of gelato crosses. This was accompanied by an earthy taste with a slight grapefruit after taste that made the exhale slightly bitter. The most noticeable thing I remember about the smoke was, a little into the sesh, I started to taste some z terps that blended in with those sharp lemon terps. This took me by surprise because my initial thoughts were that this was a LCG pheno that lacked the cherry taste. However, when that candied explosion took over (along with the grapefruit taste on exhale), I had a strong feeling there was some Zkittles in the lineage. Although the joint became a little too oily at the end which resulted in some taste loss this ended up being a flavorful smoke. The pulls were strong and some were a bit harsher than others at certain points in the sesh. The White Limonata resulted in a lighter gray to white ash as the overall burn was ok. As mentioned, the joint did get a little too oily at the end for my liking which provoked me to put it out ahead of schedule in some cases. All in all, I definitely enjoy the flavor as well as some other qualities this smoke possessed. I truly believe this offering becomes more dialed in each time I receive it giving it more potential each time I try it.

When I opened the the Mylar bag, my nose was taken over by pungent mix of fruity citrus mixed in with a bit of pine and natural earth scents. The overall nose was extremely aeromatic and fit the profile for a strong Lemon Cherry Gelato scent. When I pulled the buds out I thought they were a little too compressed for my liking and this, more than likely, was due from transport would be my guess. Nonetheless, the nugs were on the larger size as the 4g totaled three larger-sized buds. Due to the buds being a little packed in, I think the overall aesthetic on the buds lacked just a little but weren’t the worst I’ve ever seen. Light green and dark purple made up the overall color of these hollowed nugs and the trichrome coverage on them were incredible. The pistils were a bit packed in and I thought they were a lot more visible in person than they were captured in a photo. The texture of the buds were dense, fluffy and sticky like most of the stuff I’m generally accustomed to seeing in Mylar bars in the city. Like most gelato/Runtz cultivars, the yield on the break up wasn’t anything special which called for an extra amount of to pack in the joint nicely.

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