Strain Review: Cherry Cookie Breath by Relentless Genetics

Cherry Cookie Breath – @dankdabs1 (assisted)

Nose: Tart, piney, fruity, earthy
Inhale: Citrus, tart, gassy, fruity, woody, piney
Exhale: Woody, earthy, musty, gassy

Genetics 🧬: Mendo Breath x Cherry Cookies F3

Breeder/Bred by: Relentless Genetics @relentless__genetics

Cultivated by: Undisclosed

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Cookie Breath Strain Review

Hey what’s up everyone? Happy Friday Jr. and I hope everyone is plowing through the first week of the new year successfully and safely. I have another review I was going to put up Tuesday but had a few things get in the way of that. However, I do have the Cherry Cookie Breath for review today and personally this is one of favorites I’ve received from Dankdabs (from his gardens or others). Like any other connisseur, when I heard of the name of this offering I was intrigued because, personally, I love a lot of breath strains. To add to that; when I saw the lineage, I knew this was a must try. Similar to the Mint Cream Cake, this came allegedly came from the same undisclosed grower in Maine. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

The Cherry Cookie Breath was gifted to me in a small white mason jar with a white twist off lid that was on the Mint Cream Cake. When I twisted off the top, I was greeted with a heavily bitter, tart citrus that personally I thought smelled just like a glass of Cabernet. To add to this, I also received scents of cherried pine to go along with a slightly wood-like smell. Personally, I did not expect this concoction but the nose was fairly pungent. Pulling the nugs out of the jar was slightly tough consider these were fairly larger size buds (5 nugs made up a quarter). The texture of them was more soft and airy than anything with a slight bit of density. The first thing that caught my attention was the overabundance of light-colored Orange pistils that covered the body structure as well as the ones scattered on my coffee table when I pulled out the buds.

Upon smoking the Cherry Cookie Breath, I felt a hard-hitting high that stemmed within my head provoking a heavy thought trance which slowly inched its way down through my entire upper body and stomach region. I felt a really awfully relaxed off this cultivar but not in the couch-locked form. This was more of an energetic yet relaxed feel which I felt made it a perfect smoke at almost any time of the day. The strong feel of relaxation did not feed off any paralysis, however; I felt more like a was getting a full body message when smoking this accompanied by some light butterflies in the chest. I also got a pretty heavy case of the munchies from this strain. One noticeable high I had on this was when I crushed some gravy biscuit chicken sliders from one of my favorite spots back home. Not to mention the come down off the high on the cultivar did not leave any cobwebs needing to be shook off. All in all, the high lasted a good hour-and-half to two hours which complimented the overall quality of smoke. Personally, I think this was one of the most enjoyable cultivars I’ve had within the past month or so given it’s well-rounded qualities from initial smell to final pull.

Personally, I really enjoyed this Cherry Cookie Breath and wish I knew the cultivator so I could give kudos on this. I believe this is going to appeal to anyone who is looking for an overall out of the ordinary taste and smoke profile. If you’re into more bitter citrus this should satisfy your palate. I believe, considering the overall smokability of this cultivar, this would appeal to intermediate to more frequent smokers who enjoy an overall flavorful and gassy strain. The medicinal effects released during the high will be a great fit for those who suffer from any type of dystrophy, muscle aches, or any related illnesses. Additionally, the incredible hunger I had on this list fully makes me believe that this would be a perfect fit for those struggling with appetite loss. As I said before, this was a well-rounded offering that I received that I would definitely try again if the quality was up to this standard.

The aesthetics of this cultivar were eye capturing as these were an even mix of lighter green and light violet buds. In addition to the color, the trichrome coverage on put the cherry on top (no pun intended). Despite the soft, fluffy texture that made up the Cherry Cookie Breath this broke up considerably well. This filled up the joint nicely as I received a tart dark cherry taste to go along with a touch of gassiness on the dry pull.

When I sparked up the Cherry Cookie Breath in an Organic RAW, I was immediately overtaken by an overload of terps on both the inhale and exhale stages. On the inhale, I felt the flavors being pulled in were almost identical to the nose. I felt myself pulling in terps of Cabernet Sauvignon to go along with unripe Cherries and grapes. On the way out, more generic (but potent) terps including a gassy must and woody pine taste paved the way on the exhale. Personally, I thought this had great flavor to it and was not what I was expecting to experience. The flavor on the way in definitely took dominance over what was felt on the way out. Deep into the sesh, that bitter cherry taste turned a slight oily diesel taste which I believe can be credited to the thick terp drip that came off of the joint. The pulls were increasingly gassy the longer in the sesh I got but with a subtle smoothness to go along making it a very clean smoke. Overall, the burn was magnificent and seemed to burn a bit slower than normal for such an air texture. The Cherry Cookie Breath resulted in a chunky white ash with a big terp res drip as mentioned before. Not only was the burn above par, but the flavor in this seemed to last down to the very last pulls leaving me more than satisfied with the overall smokability on this cultivar.

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