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Strain Review: Blue Shamu by Teds Budz

Blue Shamu 🐋
From: @richthefactor & @tedsbudzco_

Lineage/Genetics🧬: Black Sherbet x Guava Bomb

Original Breeder: Unknown

Brand: Teds Budz x Rich the Factor

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blue Shamu Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Erik’s Score: 9.1

blue shamu by teds buz x rich the factor strain review by eriksreviews

Aroma: Definitely lots of sherbet coming from the nose, it’s like a dark heavy sherbet and it smells amazing. It also had this overlaying fresh air aroma to it that was very clean. The inside of the nugs smell like a guava sherbet mix that is definitely terpy and turns your nose on.

Flavor: The exhale is clean and consistent with those dark sherbet flavors that are funky and tasty.

Effects: Blue Shamu is heavy, making it ideal for winding down or sleeping. This strain provides a heavy eyelid pressure which I love. It definitely will have you wanting to be on chill mode, but does have a nice soaring head high that made me more intrigued in things. Also, I was noticing an increase in my appetite and also felt it increase my sex drive too for some reason😂. Could have been me so you guys will have to let me know about that haha. Overall a potent sedating smoke that’s not for beginners, like all stuff you’ll see on this page. Cheers 💨

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